• 04th Jun '21
  • Leadaple™
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10 Cold Emails Templates To Get You Started

It's both an art and a science to write the perfect cold sales email. It might be difficult to strike a balance between being nice and getting to the point.

It takes skill to create a CTA that is enticing rather than pushy. You won't have to figure it out on your own, thankfully.

You'll have the confidence to write attention-grabbing emails that prospects will want to read with the help of the templates in this article and expert suggestions on what not to include in your next cold email. 

cold email templates



{{Friend_Name}} sent me your company profile

Hello {{first_name}},

{{connection_first_name}} asked me to get in touch with you. I am currently {{your_job_position}} at {{your_company_name}} that does {{value_proposition}}.

I think we can improve your revenue with our best-selling product. It has received a lot of praise recently and it is receiving improvements on a weekly basis. Do you have some time in the coming weeks for a quick demo?


Subject: We can solve {{pain_point}} in a few minutes

Hello {{first_name}},

I am an expert in {{targeted_industry}}. I read the news everyday and I have seen that you recenly {{company_achivements}}. Congratulation!

I might be interested in finding out how I can help you reach your objectives even further. Do you have some time in your calendar in the coming days? Would love a quick call. You won't be disappointed.



Subject: Asking for help: How can we optimise {{company_department}}?

Hello {{first_name}},

I'm {{your_first_name}} and I am in charge of {{your_company_department}}. We work with {{companies_names}} to get new customers.

I was looking at your website and I have a few ideas about how we could increase your sales metrics. For example, {{insert_idea}}.

Do you have time in the coming days for a 15-minute call?


Subject: I am a fan of your work since a few years now!

Hello {{first_name}},

I am a big fan of your work and what you have done at {{company_name}}. I think I have built a product that might interest you.

I know that you do not have a lot of free time so I will be brief. Would you be interest by a 15-minute call?

I would be honored.


Subject: What a great article {{first_name}}!

Hello {{first_name}}, I read the article you shared on Linkedin with your community.

It was a great resource. Thank you! I have designed a product that should help you to increase your sales and I use a similar approach.

Do you have 5 minutes to speak this week?


Subject: Looking for someone at {{company_name}}

Hello {{first_name}},

I am wondering who is in charge of {{company_department}} at {{company_name}}.

Could you point me to the right person?

I have a few important subjects I would like to discuss with him (or her).


Subject: {{Important_Pain_Point}} I can resolve

Hello {{first_name}},

I was browsing your company website and I was wondering if you had a need to solve {{insert_pain_point}}.

I am an expert to solve this kind of issues.

Do you know who is in charge of {{company_department}}?


Subject: {{Important_Pain_Point}} I can resolve

Hello {{first_name}},

I was browsing your company website and I was wondering if you had a need to solve {{insert_pain_point}}.

I am an expert to solve this kind of issues. Do you know who is in charge of {{company_department}}?


Subject: Great design for {{company_name}}!

Hello {{first_name}},

We don't know each other yet but I wanted to tell you how beautiful your website is.

It seems like you could be interested by {{insert_value_proposition}}.

Do you how I can speak with someone who is responsible for this area inside {{company_name}}.

Who should I contact? Are you the right person to talk about this subject?


Subject: Hello {{first_name}}, I might need your help

Hello {{first_name}},

Could you introduce me to {{decision_maker}} at {{company_name}}. I have some important subject

I would like to talk with him as my company may be a good fit to work with yours. We recently got

promising results with {{startup_name}} to solve this {{insert_issue}}.

As our products are non-competitive, I was wondering if I could brainstorm with him about a potential partnership. Many thanks


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